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10. How to Connect to Your Purpose

10. How to Connect to Your Purpose

Why it's not about "finding" your purpose or "having" a purpose—the task is to allow it to emerge without thinking too hard

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This is the second episode in a 3-part series devoted to purpose. Check out the first episode, What is a Purpose?, and the next episode, How to Live from Your Purpose. If you liked this episode, give the heart button above a tap or share it with someone who needs to hear it. 🙏

If you want to get closer to your purpose, common wisdom will tell you to take a journey to find it. "Go out and discover what gives you purpose..."

Unfortunately, that's very broad and difficult to act on.

I believe purpose is already within you, and so you don't need to go far to get closer to it. You just need a process to connect with it.

In this episode, I walk through five different approaches you can take to get closer to your purpose. I share what I appreciate about each of them and what I believe can be challenging.

I also lift the curtain on what I use in my own coaching practice—the same process that helped me personally connect to my own purpose.

Here are the approaches I cover:

  1. The Question Game❓ provocative but too vague

  2. Outsourcing It ↗ feels good but isn't purpose

  3. Exploring Yourself ✍ always helpful but hard to connect the dots

  4. The Venn Diagram 📋 most popular but most problematic in my opinion

  5. Letting It Out ⚡ my favorite, which is both an art and science

For those of you who are interested in connecting to your purpose, I hope this series is useful. I believe everyone has a life purpose (whether they’re aware of it or not) and I want to bring people closer to their purpose if that’s what they desire.

As always, I welcome your thoughts.

- Elliot

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