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11. How to Live From Your Purpose

11. How to Live From Your Purpose

Once you have your purpose statement, how do you bring it to life? Follow this 4Cs Framework: Clarify It, Choose It, Be Confident In It, and Connect It

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This is the final episode in a 3-part series devoted to purpose. If you liked this episode, give the heart button above a tap or share it with someone who needs to hear it. 🙏

If you’ve been following along (or even if you haven’t), here’s what we’ve covered so far in this series…

Part 1: What is a Purpose?

  • The myths we tell ourselves about purpose

  • The way purpose is a Swiss Army knife of a life tool

Part 2: How to Connect to Your Purpose

  • Four different methods to get closer to your purpose

  • My favorite approach for drafting a purpose statement

And here in Part 3, we answer the question: how do we go from words on a page to putting our purpose to use in the world?

To that end, I’ve developed this 4Cs Framework:

  1. Clarify It: understand what your purpose is truly about

  2. Choose It: find ways to step into your purpose more consistently

  3. Be Confident In It: develop your unique authority over your purpose

  4. Connect It: see your life and the world through the lens of your purpose

In this episode, I walk through each of the 4Cs with specific activities and examples—and illustrate how each of these elements reinforce one another.

As you build these muscles, operating from your purpose eventually becomes second-nature.

- Elliot

P.S. I’m considering putting together a group coaching experience for people looking to connect to their purpose in a fun, meaningful, and supportive environment. If this piques your interest, send me an email—I’d love to chat.

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