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6. How to Take a Sabbatical

6. How to Take a Sabbatical

A 5-step approach for anyone curious about taking a real break from work

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In this episode, I talk you through a 5-step approach for considering, imagining, and preparing for a sabbatical, as well as how to be and transform on a sabbatical. I’m also accompanying it with a 2,500-word digital guide, which you can access here.

Access the Guide Now

Consider this guide a starting point for anyone who is curious about taking a sabbatical. Personally, I never thought a sabbatical was for me until I took one. I never thought I needed one and frankly never thought it was possible. (You can read more about my sabbatical here on The Sabbatical Project website).

But in this episode, I cover “What is a sabbatical?” and talk through a 5-step approach. The digital guide covers this and more—it also includes a list of “50 Things to Do & Be on Your Sabbatical” as well as links to additional resources.

Taking a sabbatical was a beautiful turning point in my life and work, and I welcome anyone who would like to talk more.

I hope you find this useful.

- Elliot

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